Department of Health boosts ambulance service in Tibetan community

Dharamshala: The COVID-19 cases across India are on the daily spike and in order to enhance health services and prepare for worst-case scenarios arising out of the pandemic, DoHe has enhanced the ambulance services in the communities. Along with various initiatives, 3 new ambulances in Kollegal, Mainpat, and Bir settlement were procured by the department to […]

Health dept releases a 40-min film to raise awareness of mental health issues

Dharamshala: Mental health issues in the Tibetan community often come with the tag ‘Nyompa‘ which perpetuates the existing stigma around mental illnesses in our community. This makes it difficult for people to understand and recognize mental health conditions and discourages people from seeking early intervention. At the same time, it reduces a person to a condition, […]

CTA provides free SORIG Immune Boosters for Tibetans above 65

Dharamshala: Taking into account that vulnerable populations such as elderlies, children under 10, and people with co-morbidities are at greater risk from COVID-19, CTA through the Department of Health has been providing free SORIG immune boosters to all Tibetans above the age of 65 with the aim to protect them against COVID-19 infection. The prescribed […]

Home department distributes 77 lakh in food security and stipend for 1414 destitute elders and infirm youth

Dharamshala: The Department of Home, CTA distributes COVID-19 Emergency food security ration, relief of INR 77,29,061 (Seventy-seven lakh twenty-nine thousand & sixty one only) to 1414 destitute elders & infirm youth under the Poverty Alleviation scheme in India and Bhutan. Amidst the global pandemic, the PRM (U.S) through the Department of Finance has generously approved to grant […]

Department of Health initiates free Hep ‘B’ screening and treatment

Dharamshala: The Department of Health, CTA began the study of Hepatitis ‘B’ prevalence in the Tibetan community with the provision of free screening and treatment of Hep ‘B’ and ‘C’ for Tibetans located in Dharamsala from 13 January. The aim and objective of this provision are to identify early diagnosis and treatment of Hep ‘B’ […]

Department of Health reinforces health facilities through Administrative Training at IIPA

The Department of Health, CTA is organising five-day training on hospital administration cum review meeting at the Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA), based in New Delhi from 20th to 24th January 2020. This five-day training is being attended by 12 hospital administrators and Executive secretaries from 12 different hospitals. CTA Health Kalon Choekyong Wangchuk attended the […]

Workshop on prevalence and treatment of Hep B & C in Tibetan community and CCOCC refresher training underway across Tibetan settlements

Dharamshala: The Department of Health, CTA is organizing a workshop on prevalence study and treatment of Hepatitis B & C in the Tibetan Community and Comprehensive Community Outreach and Coordinated Care (CCOCC) refresher training on household listing survey and field visit from 30 December 2019 to 4 January 2020. The workshop was led by resource […]

First Initiation of Tibetan Mental Healthcare Plan at Goa

Goa: The first Tibetan Mental Health Care Plan initiated with the training of nurses on mental health prevalence survey by mental health desk of the department of health, CTA in collaboration with Sangath from 25th to 29th November 2019. A five-day training is being participated by 24 nurses from different Tibetan settlements in India. They are being trained […]

Orientation on Comprehensive Community Outreach and Coordinated Care for Settlement officers and executive secretaries

The Orientation Workshop on the Comprehensive Community Outreach & Coordinated Care (CCOCC) Program to the Settlement Officers and DoHe Executive Secretaries is currently in session from 8 to 9 October at the Central Tibetan Administration. Organised by the Department of Health, CTA, the workshop is being attended by 45 settlement officers and seven executives from […]

Department of Health organises Sowa-Rigpa and Allopathy Integration meeting

The Sowa-Rigpa and Allopathy Integration Meeting was held on 27 September 2019, at CTA’s Department of Health’s conference hall. The theme of the meeting was “Objectives behind Integration”, where the health professionals discussed and collaborated on how the two fields of medicine can integrate, which diseases they will combat together, and the administrative perspective on […]