Women Empowerment Desk and TWA releases hotline for sexual and gender based violence

Under the CTA’s zero-tolerance policy in terms of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) in Tibetan community, the Women’s empowerment desk (WED), Dept. of Finance, CTA has been working on the prevention of SGBV in the community since the last many years with the objective to create a more gender-sensitive and inclusive society as well as the prevention of SGBV.

As a part of that initiative, on 20th March 2020, WED in collaboration with the Central Tibetan Women Association (TWA) has launched a Helpline service to provide immediate, emergency and non-emergency responses and information services to women, children or persons affected by violence especially SGBV, both in public and private spaces through referral by linking them with appropriate authorities such as Police, Hospital, legal, etc. from a uniform phone number.

The helpline number is 01892 220120. It operates from 8 am-5 pm, Monday-Friday.

“Since this is a pilot program, at the initial stage we have planned to cover only the state of Himachal Pradesh and the Tibetan communities in this state. Gradually we plan to phase out to all the Tibetan communities across India,” said the WED desk.

The Indian govt. already has various helpline or hotline for such purposes. However, through setting up a separate helpline for the Tibetan community, the WED and the TWA hopes to empower the Tibetan community with access to the information on tackling these challenges.

The unprecedented global health pandemic of COVID -19 has caused a lot of uncertainties, fear and anxieties. With the lockdown and social distancing in place in different parts of the world, to mitigate the situation, million are staying indoors and working from home. But, the downside impact of this lockdown is an increase in violence against women in the domestic space around the world.

Therefore, in order to provide help and support for such individuals in the Tibetan community, WED in collaboration with TWA is working together to ensure safety and security for these vulnerable group of people.

-Filed by Women Empowerment Desk