Tibet Corps Program 2024-2025 Announcement

Department of Finance Invites Applications for Tibet Corps Volunteer

Service for Year 2024-25.

Tibet Corps, an initiative administered by the Social and Resource Development Fund within the
Department of Finance, Central Tibetan Administration (CTA), serves as a vital platform for
Tibetan professionals, university students, and retired scholars residing in India, Nepal, Bhutan,
and overseas. This program facilitates their engagement with the CTA, allowing them to
contribute their diverse skills and expertise to both public and private sectors. Under the auspices
of the Central Tibetan Administration, the Tibetan Professional Volunteer Service Program
continues to thrive, with plans for the fiscal year 2024-2025 already in motion. Individuals who
meet the program's eligibility criteria are encouraged to apply before the deadline of April 30,
2024, to participate in this meaningful endeavor.

1. Volunteering Eligibility Requirements

  • A Tibetan, or a person of Tibetan origin
  • A current or graduate college students, retired or working professionals
  • Possess specialised knowledge in a professional field or subject
  • Commitment to serve between three months to a year of service

2. Application Process for a Tibet Corps Position

  • Applicant can fill the form from the Tibet Corps website ( www.tibetcorps.org )
  • Applicant must submit resume and a cover letter
  • Working professionals must submit no objection letter from the employer

3. Tibet Corps Service Opportunities

  • Service opportunities can be based in Dharamsala within one of the CTA offices or field-
    based in one of the Tibetan settlements, public health and schools
  • Volunteer will receive an orientation on the CTA and its departments
  • Volunteers will receive a monthly stipend of Rs. 7,000 and accommodation
  • Volunteers will receive an appreciation certificate from the Central Tibetan
    Administration upon completion of their tenure.

Note: The Department of Finance may review and decide if and when deemed necessary.
Contact No: 7807379041, [email protected]