Public Service Commission Convenes Induction Training for New Recruits of CTA


Dharamshala: The Public Service Commission (PSC) of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) is convening an induction training for the newly recruited civil servants from 4-24 October at the Administrative Training and Welfare Society.

The inaugural ceremony of the three-week-long training was presided over by chief guest Chairman of the Public Service Commission, Wangdue Tsering Pesur, accompanied by Deputy Secretary Karma Thinlay of the Public Service Commission.

Deputy Secretary Karma Thinlay introduced the course and the facilitators to the participants and urged them to discuss and clarify their doubts with the facilitators. He also briefed them on the rules and regulations to be followed at the training.

Public Service Commissioner Wangdue Tsering Pesur outlined the key areas that civil servants need to focus on while stressing adherence to the Charter and the guidelines of the CTA. Speaking from his own experience, he shared that such training was much harder to come by in the past and urged the participants to make the utmost use of it to develop themselves. He also emphasised the need to develop communication skills to be able to conduct one’s duty efficiently.

“As Tibetans working for the CTA, we must strive for excellence in Tibetan language skills,” said the Public Service Commissioner while underscoring the importance of Tibetan language.

In his final message to the participants, he urged them to work with motivation and serve the CTA for long, taking inspiration from the hard work and labour of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the previous generations.

A total of 17 recruits took part in the training funded by USAID and NDI. During the course of the training, participants will be trained in Tibetan language, history, official letter writing, CTA’s administration, e-governance, the exile Tibetan constitution, Middle Way Approach policy, secular ethics, soft skill training, and inner engineering, among others.