Nyima Gyaltsen, an example of the growing youth entrepreneurship in the community had his first experience of entrepreneurship when he took charge of a community project of constructing a prayer wheel for his village. He went on to co-organize the famous Tibetan Champion League from 2013 to 2017. The experience that he gained from these ventures and following his passion and dream of being a solution to the community’s social problem such as unemployment migration of the youth from the settlements and to be an inspiration to the youth to follow their passion, Nyima started his Dairy farm project.

In March 2017 Nyima started out with 2 cows and very quickly within the span of 6 months owned 12 cows. Nyima believes Dairy farming is one section that has a huge scope and growth opportunities, especially in the south settlements given the ample resources at hand.

Nyima applied to the TED investment award seeking an investments of Rs 25 lakhs to build infrastructure for his business and start automating milk production and start his pilot project of developing other milk products such as Cheese, Curd etc.

Nyima won Rs. 6.70 lakhs from the TED investment award and currently owns 18 cows and producing an approximate of 210 liters per day. He has more demand than he can supply and is rushing to build his assets to be able to produce more milk.