First Initiation of Tibetan Mental Healthcare Plan at Goa

Goa: The first Tibetan Mental Health Care Plan initiated with the training of nurses on mental health prevalence survey by mental health desk of the department of health, CTA in collaboration with Sangath from 25th to 29th November 2019. A five-day training is being participated by 24 nurses from different Tibetan settlements in India. They are being trained in community data collection, ethics, and data management. The current survey is a part of the mental healthcare plan developed earlier. It will lay the groundwork for an intersectoral approach towards mental health care.

Sangath is a world-renowned non-governmental, non-profitable organization based in Goa working on mental health promotion across the lifespan through evidenced-based innovative interventions and community engagement.

Following the training, the mental health survey will be collected by the trained staff in respective settlements in India.

The workshop is funded by PRM.

-Filed by the Department of Health