Dept. of Health, CTA carries out Water and Sanitation Hygiene Projects in Leh Sonamling Settlement and Jangthang area

Ladakh: Owing to the harsh climate and lack of facilities, Sonamling Tibetan Settlement with a total population of around 6200 people scattered in 12 camps in Leh and 8 nomadic clusters in Jangthang area in Ladakh UT has been struggling with the issue of water and sanitation hygiene. However, with the current leadership of Kashag along with guidance and facilitation from Department of Health, CTA, a series of WASH project were implemented through Leh Nutrition Project and Chief Representative Office of Tibetans in Ladakh.

Following are the activities which are completed in Fiscal Year (FY) 2018-19

∙         23 hand pump and submersible has been repaired.

∙        19 traditional toilets was constructed.

∙        10 traditional toilets was repaired.

∙        3 Solar composite toilets was constructed in Jangthang Hanley, Agling camp no 8 and T.C.V Agling School.

∙        3 solar bathroom was constructed in Jangthang kashug, Nyoma and T.C.V Hanley School.

∙        2 Hand wash station cum drinking water station has been installed in T.C.V Menlha School and other at Govt. middle school at Nyoma as a sign of goodwill gesture to host community since 7 of Jangthang Tibetan community belongs to Nyoma block.

∙        60 wash committee was formed within community in order to discuss their general issues on hygiene and sanitation.

∙        8 wash committee was formed in school to create awareness for children and students.

∙        7 training and workshop was conducted on awareness related to hygiene and sanitation.

The aim was to enhance health and hygiene of Tibetan children and communities through WASH Interventions. All the aforementioned WASH activities were carried out under the funding of PRM, US for the financial year 2018-2019. The overall budget for the F.Y 2018-19 is Rs: 11,738,400.00. Total of 12 WASH activities and 75 Trainings and awareness events were conducted in Tibetan community and schools.

Appreciations and expressions of gratitude from the local beneficiaries are pouring in to PRM, US for funding the projects that will considerably solve the problems of water and sanitation hygiene in the days to come.

-filed by Department of Health, CTA