Department of Home to Explore Major Agriculture Interventions

The Department of Home, CTA is working with Ingénus Strategy & Creative Research LLP to undertake agriculture development activities in the second phase of the Tibetan Self-Reliance and Resilience Program (TSRR) funded by USAID.

The Home Department’s Agricultural section is exploring the feasibility of building a mini tea processing factory in Miao, Arunachal Pradesh. Currently, the tea farmers in Miao sell their products to tea traders, leaving them with a little to no control over prices and terms & conditions. By creating this factory, the farmers will be able to sell their tea on time with a better price and climb up the value chain by processing different grades of tea. Additionally, the farmer’s incomes would increase, tea growing would become a more sustainable and economically viable source of employment, and the factory would generate substantial revenue for all farmers.

The Home Department is also identifying agribusiness projects in other settlements. This part of the plan will select initiatives which are sustainable to take to the more advanced stage-researched and discussed with the stakeholders-within one year.

The Department will also explore and identify joint ventures, investors, and funding agencies for identified new agribusiness initiatives. This focuses on marketing, organizational, and financial arrangements at a strategic level to enable a robust agribusiness organization for the Tibetan community.