CTA releases Five-Fifty Forum Report

Five Fifty Forum: Towards a Resilient Tibetan Community was a follow on to the gathering convened in 2017, but one that focused on the development and long-term resiliency objectives of the Five-Fifty vision. The Forum held in Dharamsala from the 13th to 16th September 2018, brought together 250 participants including selected experts, advisors, practitioners, donors, and friends deeply familiar with the core themes of the Forum. It was organized to explore the critical developments and resiliency challenges and opportunities associated with the Tibetan community. The forum was funded by USAID through the TSRR program.

The Forum themes were:

– Theme 1: Sustaining Tibetan Culture

– Theme 2: Economic Development of Tibetan Community

– Theme 3: Strengthening Tibetan Education

– Theme 4: A Healthier Tibetan Community


SARD, Department of Finance, Central Tibetan Administration released the final report from the Five Fifty Forum: Towards a Resilient Tibetan Community.

The report is divided into three parts; the first section comprises of the recommendations on the four themes, the second section includes the panel presentation from the Forum, and the final section contains selected pictures from the three days of the Forum.

The recommendations compiled were forwarded to the Kashag and CTA has already begun implementing some of the recommendations.

The complete report can be downloaded from the SARD website