CTA Level Science, Mathematics, and Environment Exhibition 2019 in progress

Dharamshala: Department of Education organized its 3rd CTA Level Science, Mathematics and Environmental Exhibition 2019 at TCV Suja. The Exhibition is coordinated by Master Tenzin Kalsang, Science EO, DoE and has been scheduled for 3 days from 19 to 21 June. It has been organized for the past 3 years to seed scientific curiosity, inquiry, and innovation in the minds of young learners. The theme for the exhibition this year was ‘Scientific Solutions for Challenges in Life’ Six sub-themes under the theme were agriculture, waste-management, resource-management, mathematical-modeling, transport and communication, and health and cleanliness. Past two exhibitions were held at Lower TCV and THS Mussoorie respectively, following which 3 students had the opportunity to represent CTA and their respective school at the national level.

This year a total of 34 students from 14 different schools are taking part in the 3rd CTA Level Science, Mathematics and Environment Exhibition. These 34 exhibits were selected out of 65 exhibit entries through preliminary evaluation by 3 judges. The selected participants reported at the venue on the 18th of June to initiate the arrangement and display of their exhibits.

The first day of the exhibition was inaugurated by the Secretary, DoE, CTA Mr. Karma Singey where he shared the hour of the importance of originality in the creation of the exhibits. He stressed upon the residing imaginary phobia of science and mathematics in our society and ways to curb that deep-rooted myth. Furthermore, he related to the young seeds more evidence and prominence in the field of science with the numbers hopefully to grow more exponentially.

The morning session of the first day was dedicated to a seminar on the topic ‘water management-challenges and ways ahead’ The student speakers boldly laid the case of the importance of WATER MANAGEMENT through their aptly prepared presentations. Every school had prepared in advance for the same.

The guest speaker Mrs. Tenzin Kunsang from the health department of Health spoke about WASH Project and presented the water management situation of our Tibetan settlements.

The afternoon session was dedicated to the evaluation by the judges. The Judges evaluated the exhibits and the best 6 will be recommended to NCERT for a chance to represent at Nationals.

The exhibition will be open to the public for 2 days. During the first day of public display, the students of TCV Chauntra visited the morning session followed by TCV Suja in the afternoon session. The students’ had good interaction with the presenters and seemed happy to learn many new things. They exchanged ideas and series of questions were put forth, hence quenched with an explanation. The second day, the students of STS Chauntra will visit the morning session. The afternoon session will be reserved for the closing session, the certificates and prize distribution.

-Filed by the Department of Education