Tibetan Arts and Culture Fund (TACF) Recipient

The Tibet memory project founded by Tsering Topgyal and Tsering Choephel aims to document through digitalization, old photographs kept in the homes of elderly Tibetans in the settlements of India, Nepal, and Bhutan. Tibet memory project will collect the stories linked to the photos as the individuals recall them. Likewise, they will interact with the elderly in each settlement and film what the individuals choose to share with the public.
The project will be showcased at TCV and CTA Schools. This is of importance since it is a way of educating younger Tibetans about their history, about the traditions, aspirations, and struggles of the first Tibetans in exile. The project is an ensured way to make a significant contribution to the preservation of unifying Tibetan identity in exile.
On November 4th, 2017 they started their journey to seek photos of early Tibetans in exile. They went to places such as Shimla, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Mainpat Pending settlement and Bhandara Norgyeling settlement. Throughout their journey, they met numerous elderly and families of early Tibetans who had a story to share. They also received a number of photos which are posted with the stories that correspond to the photos if accessible. They are hoping to visit many more places to gather further photos to display to the public.