Leadership Development Training by WED for Women Grassroots Workers

The Women Empowerment Desk (WED) under SARD, Dept. of Finance coordinated a Leadership Development Training for women grassroots workers from 18-22 June 2018 as a part of the Tibetan Self Reliance and Resilience (TSRR) program. This event took place at IIPA New Delhi with special guests Mr. Amitabh Ranjan, registrar (IIPA); Dr. Surabhi Pandey (IIPA); Dr. Anjali Dengle (IIPA); and Alka Jindal, Training Section (IIPA).

The 17 participants were from many different NGOs such as TWA, RTWAs, Tibetan Ability Center, TYC, Tibetan Handicraft Center, VOT etc. The attendees learned about NGO challenges and opportunities, scenarios of NGOs, effective communication, decision making, change management, information management and security, leadership styles, time management, team dynamics and conflict resolution, negotiation and communication style, relevance of higher impact change, and more.

The objective of the training was to increase participation and empowerment of women in the development process to become community leaders, contribute to increased productivity, increase program effectiveness and impact, and to help women manage their roles and responsibilities in a community and family setting.

The training was made possible by USAID funding.