Department of Home releases monetary aid to old age homes amidst COVID-19 pandemic

Dharamshala: Amidst the COVID-19 crisis, the Department of Home, CTA undertook the mission to provide emergency relief program to the destitute Tibetans. The program funded by PRM (U.S) began in July covered the one-time food security and additional stipends for three months.

The relief fund has been successfully disbursed to the elders and destitute proving highly beneficial in these unprecedented times.

This has enormously impacted the destitute in this critical period and the department is highly indebted to donors for their indispensable support extended throughout the program. With the continuous cooperation and response from the Tibetan settlement officers, the department succeeded in releasing relief aid of INR 74, 31,789/- to 1414 beneficiaries in 38 Tibetans Settlements in India and Bhutan. Out of the total relief assistance, the emergency stipend amounts to INR 48, 45,000.

Below are some of the pictures taken during the distribution of relief assistance.

A. Distribution of Emergency Stipends to the Destitute category B (Elders) and D (DOHe):

B. Management activities carried out in Old People’s Homes:

Here in the Elders Home, all the preventive measures have been taken and are still being strictly implemented. All the COVID-19 essentials are purchased and utilised to ensure a healthy environment for elderly people. The total amount released is INR 25, 86,789 which covers the emergency programs in the 13 Elders Home. This includes all the basic dry rations, supplements and health kits. All the activities are being managed and monitored by the OPH in charge and staffs including the biweekly sanitization within the Elders Home.


C. Distribution of COVID-19 essential items by PRM (U.S.) in NGO Elders Homes in India:

DOPH Sanitization:

E. Old Peoples Home conveying Heartfelt Gratitude to PRM:

-Filed by Department of Home