Training of Trainers on Menstrual Health and Hygiene Management (MHHM)

The topic of menstruation is taboo to many Tibetan and Nepali women and is not heavily focused on as it is not openly discussed in their communities. Due to their lack of knowledge about menstrual health and hygiene, they have been ignoring their reproductive health and undermining the natural body process. In the interest of […]

CTA to Award Rs 21 Crores to Support Tibetan Livelihood Development

SARD and The Department of Finance, Central Tibetan Administration, organised a press conference on May 22, 2018 to launch the second year of the Tibetan Refugee Livelihood Support Program (TRLSP). As part of the program, SARD will provide amounts worth a total of Rs 21 Crores (210 Million) at a minimal 4% interest rate to support […]

6th Leadership Skills Workshop

The Department of Education, Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) organized the 6th Leadership Skills Workshop for Tibetan school captains and teachers at the Administrative Training and Welfare Society, Dharamsala from 2nd-7th April, 2018. The six-day intensive training workshop was attended by a total of 53 participants – 36 students (18 boys & 18 girls) and 17 […]

Five-Fifty Youth Forum: Shaping Tibet’s Future

Central Tibetan Administration’s (CTA) Department of Information and International Relations is coordinating this year’s Five-Fifty Youth Forum: Shaping Tibet’s Future. The CTA’s Five-Fifty Vision aims to dissect and find a solution for ongoing Tibetan issues using the Middle Way Approach while simultaneously strengthening and maintaining Tibetans resilience, culture, and identity for Tibetans inside and outside […]

23rd Shoton Festival

Central Tibetan Administration’s (CTA) partner, the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA), organized this year’s 23rd Shoton Festival at Norbulinkga Intstitute and TCV, Chauntra from 20-24 April 2018 for its Tibetan Self-Reliance and Resilience Program. TIPA’s mission of the festival was cultural institution strengthening and capacity and sustainability of local institutions serving Tibetan communities. CTA’s […]